Energy levels have been sapped recently. I’m not sure if it’s a fibromyalgia flare, recovery from a glutening, or general malaise with the crappy weather we’ve been having. This meal has been on heavy rotation at this lazy household. It even got the boyfriend to eat edamame on a regular basis, which is no small feat!

I have the old-school rice cooker that has a steamer-insert on top. Part of why this dish is so lovely for me is there’s only one pot to clean afterwards.

Pancetta & Edamame Salad

Serves 4 or probably more (in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a big eater)

Prep time – less than 5 minutes

Cook time – 35-40 minutes

(Yes, this picture is crappy. But I don’t consider myself a real food blogger, so go ahead and judge!)

Ugly photo of Panchetta rice casserole

Stuff you need to buy at the store:

4 tbsp. orange champagne vinegar (Apple cider vinegar or any other flavored vinegar would work just fine. I used balsamic once which tasted great but looked a little gray.)

2 tbsp. grapeseed oil (This is because I don’t want anything interfering with the flavor of my vinegar. Olive oil would be fine.)

About 1 1/2 cups of fresh spinach (or other greens – I’ve used chard, too)

1 8 oz. container of diced pancetta (it’s cheaper to dice yourself, of course, but did you forget where you were – this is the House of Lazy!)

1 bag (12 oz.) shelled, frozen edamame

6 rice-cooker cups of stock (4 1/2 american measuring cups – I use a hearty vegetable one from Trader Joes with half water to make up the rest of the liquid, though chicken is fine. To be even more cost-sensitive, you can use water to cook the rice, but I find the broth smells wonderful while cooking, and imparts more flavor on the rice. If you skip broth, you’ll likely want/need more salt & pepper.)

3 rice-cooker cups of brown rice (2 1/4 american measuring cups)


Rinse rice, then put in pot, covering with broth/water. Place steamer insert on top of pot but keep empty for the time being. Plug in pot and let it begin its magic. When the lid starts to rattle (it depends on the rice cooker – it’s about 1/2 hour for mine), take off lid and pour edamame and pancetta into the steamer insert. (It only takes about 5 minutes for the edamame to be steamed to perfection – it can be done once the rice is fully cooked and it has moved into warming mode.) Once done, carefully remove steamer insert and dump the edamame & pancetta into the rice. Mix in oil and vinegar. To serve, place spinach at bottom of bowl. Place rice mixture on top – the existing heat will wilt the spinach nicely since it is still quite hot. I usually eat with the bowl balanced on my belly, while watching the telly.

How much money, honey:

$1.00 brown rice (I buy in bulk, so this is approximate)

$0.99 broth (half the box)

$2.99 pancetta (it’s cheaper to dice yourself, of course, but did you forget where you were – this is the House of Lazy!)

$1.29 frozen, non-GMO shelled edamame (I’m sure you could shell yourself, but why)

$1.50 fresh spinach (totally a guess)

$0.50 oil

$1.00 fancy vinegar (you could save here, too)

Total outlay = $7.77 – value of minimal effort for a relatively healthy, whole food meal = a meal that will please.