I’ve been obsessed with quinoa salads lately…it is about my level of cooking:

– Turning on the rice cooker & putting in quinoa, water

– Using a knife a little, or sometimes even just tearing the food to throw in there

Here’s some of my favourite (no, I’m not British, I just like it that way) combos.

1.  Spinach, raisins, cashews, feta or goat cheese

2.  Thanksgiving dinner (Sweet potatoes, pecans, cranberry, maybe some turkey ), inspired by one frequently for sale at Seward Coop

3.  Tomato, black beans, lime juice, avocado

4.  Tofu, GF teriyaki sauce, red peppers, cashews (also inspired by a Kung Pao tofu rice dish sold at Seward)

5.  Portobello mushrooms, balsamic, goat cheese

And I’ll be trying this one soon!  6.  Pears and maple vinaigrette