This will be my fourth year attending the Minnesota Great Get-Together, but my first year GF.  You see, the fair was stuff of legend back in my home state…many marveled at the deep-fried Snickers bar.  I only needed to consume it once.  This weekend, I have a bff coming up for the fair, so I’ll get to live vicariously through her.

However, thanks to The Savvy Celiac, the Northand Celiacs, and Rebecca’s Gluten Free Blog, I have plenty of suggestions!  (I’m also a huge dork, so I’ve been photoshopping a map – I’ll share if I finish in time to be of any help.)

Also, Star-Tribune restaurant critic and food blogger Rick Nelson has an article about the Peaches & Creme at the Salty Tart – it sounds as if it is nothing less than amazing, and it is definitely on my list!

I’m looking forward to eating fries again.  This is what is so confusing to my friends & family once they’ve figured out that potatoes are usually gluten free!  Ah, the joys of cross-contamination.