My bf and I used to have a Sunday-morning ritual: breakfast at a greasy spoon.  When we were first dating, we’d do cheap breakfast at a diner two blocks away.  If we were feeling fancy, we’d head to Key’s.  If celebrating a milestone, we’d head to Meritage.  Regardless of location, my breakfast selection was carb-focused: pancakes or french toast.  Even if I was an omlette kind of girl, the cross-contamination risks in all but Meritage aren’t worth it.

But…I found out somewhere that Seward Cafe has gluten-free pancakes!  The experience, however, fell a bit short.  My two cakes pretty much fell apart as I spread the meager amount of butter on the top one.  By the crumbling, there was no way I would be able to pick up the top to butter the bottom.  It was sad enough that I’ll consider making them myself – of which this lazy celiac is not fond.