I’ve been educating myself on HAES for quite some time, but still knew that my body was not craving healthy foods.  Then celiac came into the picture.  A-ha!  This is why I’m constantly hungry…my intestine isn’t actually absorbing anything!

In my last year of college (ugh…over a decade ago), I thought I had an ulcer – kept cutting out different foods from my diet until I was down to reduced-sodium saltines.  And those were still running straight through me.  Hindsight being what it is, this should have been a flashing strobe light to test for celiac disease (I’m pretty sure the off-brand crackers were full of gluten).  Instead I had a hydrogen breath test, endoscopy and colonoscopy.  All of which came up with nothing, so yay, I was diagnosed with IBS.

It probably would have went on forever, until I moved to Minnesota and the new doctor told me “a diagnosis of IBS makes me a little uncomfortable.  Do you think you’re sensitive to wheat?”  Without knowing anything about going gluten-free, I stopped eating bread for a couple of weeks without any difference.  And that was that.

After getting the swine flu in the fall of 2009, my, ahem, side-effects of gluten intolerance were worse.  Like, misjudging-a-fart worse.  So I started reading (and reading and reading and reading) and got some tests, and this fun new adventure begins.

The whole problem is this: I’m lazy.  And I hate cooking.  It seems that cooking is critical to going gluten-free.  Thus this blog.  If I’m going to be eating a lot of gluten-free convenience foods, I’m going to need to keep track of which ones don’t taste like sawdust sprinkled with splenda.